I’m an early childhood special education teacher and national parks enthusiast. I read a lot of books. Both for work and for fun. I write about the books I read. Just for fun. This blog was created in April 2017.


I tend to use run-on sentences and abuse commas in my writing. And start sentences with conjunctions and use sentence fragments. Let’s pretend it’s a stylistic choice/literary signature a la Faulkner or Mohsin Hamid, and not a sign of incompetence.

I especially enjoy reading SFF, particularly new releases and award winners, but I also love classics, mysteries, thrillers, contemporary fiction, historical fiction and the like. I try to be an equal opportunity reader.

Mostly SFF and picture books- especially new releases and award winners. Some classics, contemporary fiction, historical fiction and the like thrown in because I’m an equal opportunity reader.

The ‘ish’ in each of my reviews denotes the standard error of measurement of +/- .5 stars which accounts for the differences in how I’m feeling at any particular time while writing a review.

My opinions are indisputable fact.

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