Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory

Spoonbenders4.25 stars

Often hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, and always full of heart, this story following a family of psychics (or are they?) is a fun, wild ride.

Each member of the exasperating Amazing Telemachus family has their own sets of stresses and struggles, each as interesting (and hilarious) as the others. They’re so much fun (and frustrating) to follow and Gregory gives each of them a unique, believable voice. Teddy, Irene, Frankie, Buddy, and Matty, as well as deceased matriarch, Maureen, a looming spectre always present, are the heart of the novel and the plot comes secondary to their interactions with each other and the other people in their lives, both past and present.

There’s a lot going on in various timelines and plenty of moving pieces (mafia, get-rich-quick schemes, coming-of-age, end of the world?, CIA, You’ve Got Mail), it’s like a magic trick, hard to know where to keep your focus even though you know something is going to happen. It’s impressive when the magician turns what appears to be a light, fun sleight of hand trick into actual magic, bringing all the seemingly disparate parts to coalescence, still managing to surprise.

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