Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls2ish stars.

Definitely the kind of book that draws you in and doesn’t let you stop until you’re finished. The pacing is pretty consistently quick and there’s a good amount of tension. However… I could not stand the main character. She’s so frustratingly irritating and cringingly moronic that I found her to be completely unrealistic. Maybe that’s the point though? She’s supposed to be like the “don’t go into the basement” horror movie protagonist that everyone derides? The rest of the characters are similarly made of cardboard.

Additional spoilery issues:


First of all, it was a little too convenient that Tina just <i>happened</i> to look just like Sam. Furthermore, as with every mystery/thriller, this book follows The Formula to a T. The entire book we’re led to believe that a specific character or two is The Bad Guy (Tina/Sam and Joe). This is an automatic indicator that they are not, in fact, The Bad Guys, which will be revealed in a “shocking” twist at the 11th hour. The Real Bad Guy, according to the same Formula is the person we’re least likely to suspect- the one the protagonist trusts the most. There were really only two choices in this case: Coop or Jeff.<


I can see why it’s a bestseller, it fits the mold. Just not my thing.

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